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Creating content governance for an incubator program


The Wellington School




Content Strategy, Voice Chart, Product Description

Challenge & Considerations

  • In previous years, the school’s Senior Capstone Project produced lackluster results. We needed to restructure and rebrand the experience to drive engagement. 

  • Administrators asked that the language reflect the history of the school, which was founded by entrepreneurs. 

Voice Chart

Voice chart.jpg

Value Statement

“Wonderlab is a research and creative works incubator that supports student projects. We encourage students to follow their passions, explore their questions, and realize their ideas.”


Through ideation sessions with stakeholders, our team:

  • Designed example projects for students to explore and think through

  • Aligned on naming conventions for the school mission

  • Produced physical assets such as logos and door wraps

  • Created a voice chart for content governance

  • Wrote video scripts for educational videos

Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 3.40.14 PM.png


Upon completion of the project, Wonderlab has:

  • Contributed to 3 years of continued enrollment, including the highest enrollment year in school history

  • Leveraged itself as a marketing tool for recruiting

  • Helped 40.2% of students feel more engaged—measured in a follow-up survey

  • Packaged its curriculum into a turnkey product that can be sold to other schools

Wonderlab thinkspace.jpg



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