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Elevating team projects through agile methodology


The Wellington School




Agile, Project management, Leadership

Challenge & Considerations

  • My co-teacher and I designed curriculum for the course “Advertising the Environment.” This course would ask students to produce a marketing campaign on behalf of the environment. We decided to adapt Agile/Scrum methodologies to the classroom.

  • Many group projects in the past tended to become unbalanced, with one or two students doing all the work and the entire group earning the same grade.

  • Implementing Scrum would take convincing other teachers/administrators that the system would lead to stronger student work.

  • We could find no curriculum that already used Scrum, so my co-teacher and I would need to figure out the application from scratch.

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  • I began by getting Scrum Master certification. This 16-hour course covered all aspects of the framework in a business setting.

  • I then served as the school’s unofficial Scrum Master, introducing both students and teachers to the framework through large group presentations.


  • We saw group project performance increase dramatically. Being able to track individual student contributions offered incentives to each student. 

  • At the end of the course, we launched “Trash Week,” a full school information campaign on the production and reduction of waste. 

  • Other teachers have adopted the Scrum framework in their classes for group projects.

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