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Fixing the UX for an app-based startup






Style guide, UX research, User flows, Content strategy, Error states

Challenge & Considerations

  • JobPay, a hypothetical startup that connects freelancers and business owners, looked to develop the user experience through multiple flows.

  • The app lacked clear information hierarchy and had inconsistent copy with no style guide.

  • The voice would need to speak to both freelancers and business owners simultaneously. 


Analyzing current brand assets and conducting competitor analysis, I developed multiple deliverables:

  • style guide 

  • onboarding for a diverse set of users;

  • error state messages and welcome emails;

  • invoice and payment system flows.

User flows.png
PixelBook Go.png
JobPay onboarding.jpg


I used Google Trends to help determine which terms users would prefer. For instance, "payments" has been used much more often than "transactions" within the last year.

Google trents.png
Competitor Analysis

To help with developing a brand voice, I benchmarked with similar companies like Upwork and Fiverr.



This was a fictional final project as part of UXCC's certification course, but conducting UX research (competitor analysis, trending keywords) helped me develop and apply product voice guidelines throughout the user experience.   


I gained valuable insight into the many tools available to a content designer as they improve copy and elevate the user experience.

UXCC Certificate.png
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